Spa Bar

The all in one file

Many Uses & Care Instructions
Calluses, Dry Skin, Finger Nails, Toe Nails, Pet's Nails, Hair Removal
And many other uses!!!!
Before using our spa bar to remove hair please read the following:

You can use the spa bar wet or dry for everything! We recommend that when using the spa bar for hair removal start using it wet. The water will act as a lubricant on your skin.
Always use the spa bar for hair removal, on the smoother side in a circular buffing motion. No skin is created equal, begin with a light touch until you know how your skin tolerates the file. The action of buffing is actually exfoliating your skin, while removing your hair. Please exercise care as to not too remove to much skin. Should you be over zealous and remove more skin initially causing a brush burn, you can apply some vitamin E, or a lotion containing aloe, this should result with faster healing. (You can check out our intense healing lotion in the Essentially Naturals tab.) Please allow for you skin to heal before using the bar again for hair removal. Don’t be discouraged should you not remove all the hair in the beginning, think of it as a learning curve when you first began shaving, nicks, cuts and razor burn, no fun but we all figured out how to do it and what our skin needed, the same will happen again. Once you and your skin have learned the ins and out, it will be just as fast if not faster then shaving. With silky smooth legs!

Now for the best part, as if removing hair was not enough, those calluses on our feet and even hands…. well this handy bar will remove those too. Grab your spa bar this time using that course side still working in circles give yourself soft supple feet, go ahead and run that cotton ball over the bottom of your feet now. If you are like me sometimes you need a little extra help, adding some citrus will help remove those stubborn calluses, or you can grab one of our perfectly blended foot soaks on the Essentially Natural tab.

You will never need to replace your Spa Bar, just don’t break it. This file will never wear out or run out. Simply clean your file with soap and water. If you find that you have heavy build up simply soak over night and scrub out with an old tooth brush/nail brush.

Your body will thank you for using your new spa bar!!


Large File or Pedicure File

Our file with the longest reach

At 7 1/2 inches long, this file is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This file is great for getting those hard to reach toe nails. About twice the width, and a bit more abrasive then our manicure and travel files. While the dual curved ends aid in comfort while holding in your hand. These aspects lend itself nicely to assist those with fine motor restrictions, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson just to name a few.


Manicure File

The perfect file for your whole life

At a stunning 5 1/2 inches this file is perfect for your life. Place this file on your nightstand, side table, bathroom even in your car. With this beauty you can tackle all your manicure needs. The perfectly designed point can be used to remove debris built up your nails, while flawlessly filing your nails leaving a smooth edge that wont catch or snag any of your clothing.


Travel File

Our smallest file

At a mere 3 1/2 inches this files is not to be out shined by its larger sibling, with all the same capabilities. This file is perfectly sized to fit in your wallet, purse or travel bag.

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