About Us

Shane and Allyson, the founders behind Customized Naturals. The marriage of their independent business ventures came about in 2017. Shanes Forever Files has been bringing you the fablolous glass nail files since the early 2000's. While Essentially Natural has been around since 2010. When you purchase products from this fabolous small business you become part of their family.

This dynamic duo is dedicated to the health and well being of not only themselves, but to you as well. They are always working, searching for the highest quality products and ingredients. Only willing to bring you the best of the best. They do take time out to hang with their 4 lovable pups who travel all over with them. You can meet these munchkins both on their facebook live feeds and in person at various craft events.

Shane spent his early years of life working for his family in the wood shop. He eventually took over the business in 2004. He honed his wood working skills creating custom cabinets, tables, staircases and anything else involving wood. He brings his love of wood working to the public through his cutting boards.

In 2018 after the company merge Allyson walked away from 15 years of working as a veterinary technition. Due to her love of all things animal, products are created with pets in mind. Also bringing products specifically designed for our furry friends.