It all started when…

In 2017 our founders decided that instead of having multiple idvidual companies that divided their time sending them in 10 different directions at one time. They would merge them all under one umbrella company. With the inclusion of all 4 cumpanies in one place began more obsticles. With many linguring questions they took the leap and created Customized Naturals. This was done knowing that the name SHanes Forever Files and Essentially Natural had become names known in their product areas.

As the year progressed they tackled each obsticle as they came. Merging the business brought product training to the company employees as well as adding additional employees. As in any business we welcome new faces but are also sad when we see some leave, always wishing them well. When working in the craft trade you begin to rely heavily on the kidness of other crafters for moral support. As with most businesses it is about networking, and word of mouth.

The founders of Customized Naturals pride themselves on transparency, while using only the highest quality materials and ingredients. Unlike many companies, Customized Naturals takes pride in there work, continuing to hone the crafts be it with glass, wood, hematite or producing natural products