All of us here at Customized Naturals are excited to announce our partnerships. Over the years we have built a wonderful network of crafters. This year 2019 we want to kick off the year building on those relationships as well as share their crafts with all of you. It takes a very unique group of people to pack up every weekend and head off to craft events. This is not a lifestyle that can be taken lightly. You give up a lot of who you are, working in some tough elements, rain, wind, brutal heat and even the blistering cold. You truly have to rely on each other, support one another. As the year moves forward we will be adding to our list. We would like to introduce you to our first group of amazing people.

AJ & Sandy of Imaginary Creations. This husband and wife team have been creating fused glass jewelry that will not disappoint. They have a patent on the clasp, you do not need anyone to help you put the jewelry on or off it is easy as 1 2 3. I have nerve damage on my left side thus making it very difficult for me to put jewelry on myself but the wonderful clasp they have created has made getting ready a breeze for me and bonus I can do it myself. Check out their website and tell them Shane and Allyson sent you.

Erin, Alyssa and Brandon from the hair jeweler. The hairtastic trio. This team has transformed hair clips. These wonderful accessories will take your hair transform the dreaded falling out, and keep your hair up out of your eyes all day. As someone who spent 15 years working in animal hospitals and having to have my hair kept out of my face and secured so it was not a working hazard fell in love from the second it was put in my hair. Check out their etsy shop and tell them Shane and Allyson sent you.

Deborah Benedetto Owner of Vision Pottery. Some of the most amazing pottery around. We have a house full of her work. The love and attention to detail in all her pieces. Her work is truly a labor of love, no piece is every duplicated. You may find two that are very close but never the same. Check out her work and tell her Shane and Allyson sent you.

CJ's Mystic Mustards This is not the mustard you get at the supper market! We love the Lemon, Raspberry and Orignial flavors. We use them in our home to make salad dressings, marinate chicken and pork chops. It also goes great with fresh made pretzles (I will tell you we have brought a jar with us when we go to dinner to use on bread and pretzles)when you find something that just pairs well with anything you just don't leave it at home.

Couch Potato Dog Knits If you know me then you know I love my dogs, (sometimes more then people, lol) so when I find an amazing crafter who is all about pup clothes, well I just cant help but want to know them. These lovely ladies have created these awesome vests to keep your pups coool in the summer, they also have hats for winter and sweaters!!!!! You can never have enough sweaters and the hats are just adorable! Tell them Allyson and Shane sent you.