Forever Files

The best kept secret comes from our European friends. We bring you a permanently etched fused tempered glass nail file. The process was reinvented by the Czech Republic in 1997 using newly developed technologies. Glass nail files or crystal nail files have been around for about 100 years. However, it wasn’t until 1997 when the Czech received their patent that these files really made a name for themselves.

We have spent years studying and developing the technique used by the Czech Republic to craft the beautiful glass files that will never wear out. We have searched for the highest quality raw materials. The process involves various stages of fusing, baking and cooling to create the tempered glass file.

Once cooled, the glass is cut to sized, and shaped to ensure all sharp edges have been removed. Once completed we are ready to begin the final stages of production. The application of acid produces a flawless etching to the glass that we have all come to love.

Finally, it’s time for paint. We have 2 different paint options. Our sprayed-on color or hand painted designs. Lastly every file is baked in the oven to cure the paint to the glass. Although we do not guarantee the files from breakage, or the paint from wearing, we do guarantee that the girt will never wear out. Little maintenance is needed to care for your file, simply wash with some soap and water scrubbing out with an old tooth brush or nail brush. For a deep clean soak overnight with warm soapy water and scrub out in the morning.