Stones of Healing

This company was inherited from a dear friend Christopher, after his passing in 2017. His passion for hematite became our journey, and honor Christopher's memory. We only use naturally mined hematite. Our stone are non-magnetic as the addition of magnets makes the stone synthetic. Hematite is a natural iron substance that has been linked to healing of blood pressure and kidney issues. As well the hematite stone is part of the bodies chakra, bringing balance and activate the root chakra. Some people refer to hematite ad the stress stone, helping you become more focused and balance while promoting healthy communication and self esteem. Hematite has also been know to be a natural pain reliever, aiding in relief of migraines, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, and dizziness just to name a few.

It is recommended to wear hematite over a major artery, such as around the wrist, neck, or ankle, this promotes the adequate absorption into the blood stream. Results will vary from person to person, seeing results in as little as 4 days to 4 weeks.

There is no guarantee against ring breakage, nor do we believe the rings to bring any medicinal value. Necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are best if looking for the healing properties of the stone.

All bracelets, necklaces and anklets are hand-crafted individually so that no two are the same. We carry multiple designs, single, double, and triple strands, coming with a limited lifetime warranty against breakage. Any custom or specialty pieces come with a 1 year warranty. All jewelry must be sent back for repair. As we can not guaranteed we will have any missing stones or gems we will do our best to match what is needed however a redesign may be required.